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Preparing for ski racing: The basic menu

Preparing for ski racing: The basic menu

It will not be long before the snow falls and ski racing season is upon us. I imagine that many people in the ski community are wondering:
What can I do to become a better skier this year?
The short answer is: start training NOW! In the Nordic ski world we have a saying, "fitness first." This means that it is usually the fittest skier who wins the race (as long as they have decent technique!).
The primary methods of training that we (the SSWSC junior program) use are:
1) Rollerskiing
2) Running
3) Run/hike with poles
4) Biking
5) Weight room, plyometrics
Here is the basic weekly menu:
*Train 5-6 days per week- consistency is VERY important

1)Perform 2 hard workouts (intervals or races) per week. Try to get about 20-30 minutes of "on time" in each of these workouts. At least 1 day between these workouts. Examples 3*10 minutes with 5 minutes between each interval

2) Upper body Weights and plyometrics- 2 times per week with a day in between strength sessions.
*One big difference between Nordic ski racers and the rest of the endurance racing community is upper body strength. Most bikers and runners do very little upper body strength training for their sports. As fall approaches, it will be extremely beneficial to get to the weight room!
Important exercises to include in your program:
Core exercises, Pull-ups, Dips, Pushups, Bench press, Shoulder press and Jumps

3) 1 "over-distance" workout over two hours

4) Fill the rest of your exercise time with distance workouts between 30-120 minutes- whatever you can fit in. A 30 minute run is much better than a 0 minute run!

1 week Example assuming you are not rollerskiing
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Strength/plyos/distance run
Wednesday: 3*10 minutes hike/run with poles up a steep hill
Thursday: strength/plyos/distance run
Friday: elliptical with arms distance
Saturday: 5km running race
Sunday: 2+hour bike ride
See you up on Bruce's Trail Soon!

Josh Smullin, SSWSC Nordic Ski Coach